THE Amanda foundation

Hacking Getty images to save abandoned animals



The Amanda Foundation is a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization that rescues animals from kill shelters and puts them up for adoption.

We were tasked with a difficult mission: Find an innovative solution that raises both donations and awareness to the animals that are currently at the shelter. With a $0 budget.

Our solution was to harness the design, advertising and tech industries for our cause, in a way that felt natural.

We found our audience's eyes and money on Getty Images, where they search stock images for hours every day, and created a collection that serves as a new source of recurring income for the Amanda Foundation.

Launched on National Dog Day 2017, the project is the first stock image collection portraying
real rescue animals currently up for adoption at the Amanda Foundation.

While 100% of royalties go to support the non-profit.

Shot by Christopher Nelson specifically for the project, and with the industry’s needs in mind, 
the collection holds over 60 beautiful hi-res images, and took a couple shooting days to complete. 
By using the Amanda Foundation Collection, every agency, art director, or designer can now
donate, adopt and save these animals by simply doing their job.

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